Dear Neighbor,

When you hear the phrase “shop locally” do you ever think of your insurance? Most people spend thousands of dollars a year on insurance premiums and if you are not using a local agent then all of that money is gone from our community for good. Many people have the misconception that by going direct with a company you get a better rate because the company does not have to pay the agent a commission. The fact of the matter is that the small percentage the company pays an agent in commission is often offset by other costs.

Companies that write direct have to pay people to staff their call and service centers. These people are not local, almost never even in our state and sometime not even in our country. Companies that write direct also spend millions of dollars in advertising; unfortunately, this money is almost never spent locally. They spend their money on high dollar national advertising firms and with companies that have no local presence. Most all of these companies pay no local taxes, don’t employ your neighbors or patronize our local businesses.

For over 40 years, the Nolan family has been dedicated to supporting our local economy and giving back to our local community. We do our best to always make sure the commissions we earn from our customers’ premium dollars stay right here in our community.

My employees and I live and raise our families in Charlotte County. We pay local taxes, shop in our community’s stores, dine in its restaurants and patronize its businesses. We attend and support our local churches. We volunteer at and support our local schools, youth programs and non-profits.

If you are one of our customers, you can be assured that almost all of the revenue that we earn stays here supporting our local economy and community. We always do our best to make sure we are doing business with other local businesses. Our advertising budget is spent supporting our local papers, radio stations, and churches. It is also spent sponsoring many schools events, youth programs and nonprofits.

Every year, our company along with its employees and their families donate our time, talent and thousands of dollars to support our local schools and nonprofits. Giving back to and being involved in our wonderful community is very important to us and we would like to thank our thousands of local customers that have allowed us to be able to do this.

Before you mail out your next premium check to a company or agency that has no local presence, please give us a call. In many cases, we can provide you the same coverage at a very competitive price. By doing business with us not only will you be helping us help our community, but you will have access to a team of local insurance professionals with over 70 years of combined local insurance experience. We look forward to working with you.