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Will Your Insurance Weather the Storm?

Hurricane season is here, and the media keeps telling us to be prepared. They talk about having an emergency plan, canned goods, flashlights, batteries and a first aid kit. The experts all agree that you should take care of these things well in advance, but most people are complacent and will wait until a hurricane watch is issued before running to the store. Unfortunately, if you wait that long to check your insurance, it will be too late and your procrastination could end up costing you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in uncovered damages. That is why it is so important to review your personal and commercial coverage with a licensed agent now.

There have been many changes to insurance policies since Charley hit our area in 2004 and most of these changes have reduced or limited coverage for damage caused by a hurricane. We talk to prospective customers daily who do not realize how inadequate their current coverage is and how relatively inexpensive it can be to strengthen their policy until we point it out.

Some of the coverage’s that we see the biggest deficiencies in are; not enough building or contents coverage , limited or no ordinance and law coverage, inadequate additional living expense coverage, low mold coverage, limited or no pool cage coverage and no replacement cost coverage.

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Review Your Policy

Insurance is something that we all pay for with the hope that we will never have to use it. Because of this, most people really don’t know what their policies will and will not cover. Unfortunately, many don’t find out until after a claim has occurred and it is too late.

In today’s modern world, many people buy their policies over the phone or online. They do this for convenience or to shop for the best price. Far too often this little bit of convenience and low price can come with a high cost.

Almost every day, we speak with someone who quickly purchased an insurance policy so they could close on their home or get their car registered. Many times they chose the lowest rate from quotes obtained by their Realtor or mortgage broker. In many of these cases the person’s coverage options where never discussed with an insurance professional. Most of these people end up lacking valuable and important coverage as a result.

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Is Your Insurance Premium Helping Our Community?

Dear Neighbor,

When you hear the phrase “shop locally” do you ever think of your insurance? Most people spend thousands of dollars a year on insurance premiums and if you are not using a local agent then all of that money is gone from our community for good. Many people have the misconception that by going direct with a company you get a better rate because the company does not have to pay the agent a commission. The fact of the matter is that the small percentage the company pays an agent in commission is often offset by other costs.

Companies that write direct have to pay people to staff their call and service centers. These people are not local, almost never even in our state and sometime not even in our country. Companies that write direct also spend millions of dollars in advertising; unfortunately, this money is almost never spent locally. They spend their money on high dollar national advertising firms and with companies that have no local presence. Most all of these companies pay no local taxes, don’t employ your neighbors or patronize our local businesses.

For over 40 years, the Nolan family has been dedicated to supporting our local economy and giving back to our local community. We do our best to always make sure the commissions we earn from our customers’ premium dollars stay right here in our community.

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